Immediate Dental Implant Case #7

Mr. P arrived in the office with old gold crown in his hand. A clinical exam revealed deep decay and history of a previous root canal therapy. The tooth was non-restorable and required extraction. Instead of having a missing tooth for any period of time, we planned for an immediate dental implant restoration with an immediate temporary crown. Dr. Michael is one of less than a handful of dentist experienced and capable of performing the entire procedure in one visit with sedation in his office only. So Mr. P scheduled for the procedure under dental sedation. The procedure takes about 90 minutes depending on how difficult the tooth is to get out. It is important to remove the tooth very carefully so no surrounding bone is damaged during the process. After the extraction, the implant is placed, the permanent abutment is placed, a temporary crown is made, bone graft material is used to fill any voids around the implant, and finally a platelet graft is placed over the bone prior to cementing the temporary crown. The bite is adjusted so that you can not accidentally bite or chew on the immediate implant or crown. Four months later, Mr. P returned for the final porcelain crown along with 3 more porcelain crowns in the upper right. He now has a new set of teeth in the upper right. The final image shows the tooth 2 years later with no bone loss. Don’t suffer with a missing, cracked or non-restorable tooth. Call Dr. Hank Michael at Sarasota Dentistry to schedule a consult and determine your options for a health smile.

"I just like the way he treated his employees, and in return, they respected their customer. "

Joe L