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Getting the whitest smile might seem elusive to some people, especially after years of coffee drinking, smoking, or eating certain foods. Over time, these things can take a toll, but cosmetic teeth whitening can correct stained and discolored teeth.

Overall, professional teeth whitening is scientifically verified to be safe, and millions of people have received this treatment without incurring any damage to their teeth or gums. Most methods use bleaching products like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to lift stubborn stains. While most whitening systems are safe and inexpensive, many do not offer long-lasting results or alleviate tooth sensitivity.

That is why many trusted dentists recommend the KöR teeth whitening system, which provides exceptional results and other benefits that most conventional treatments do not. KöR teeth whitening uses delivery and stain-lifting techniques that are effective and long-lasting. Learn how the KöR whitening system can provide a more noticeable, enduring, and attractive look.

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    Continuous Refrigeration

    All whitening gels containing peroxide which are unstable when they do not stay cool. The lack of constant refrigeration causes them to deteriorate when they reach a patient’s mouth. Reaching room temperature and above renders the product less effective. To solve the refrigeration problem, KöR teeth whitening gel leaves the factory and arrives cold-shipped to the dentist’s office, which prevents the product from breaking down.

    Enhanced Delivery and Application

    Most whitening gels become stale because of the conventional delivery system. Part of the process requires some ingredients to remain separate until use; otherwise, they become ineffective. To address this problem with in-office whitening, the dentist mixes all components of the KöR teeth whitening gel in a proprietary tri-barrel syringe before application. This process keeps the gel from going stale, enhancing its strength.

    Another delivery-related enhancement is the seal tray that prevents saliva from mixing with the KöR gel, allowing the active ingredients to work for 6-10 hours, compared to 30-40 minutes for other whitening gels. Also, the tray is comfortable enough for patients to wear at home for day or night whitening.

    individual set for teeth whitening silicone tray syringe

    Good for Sensitive Teeth

    Some people shy away from whitening systems because they tend to aggravate sensitive teeth and gums. KöR’s desensitizing gel solves this problem when it goes on teeth before bleaching, significantly reducing any chance of aggravation even with the most sensitive teeth. Even for people not concerned about tooth sensitivity, KöR can nip sensitivity in the bud before it becomes a problem.

    Instead of just treating the side effects, KöR plugs and replugs holes in the dentinal tubules, minuscule passageways to the inner nerves. This process stops inflammation because it prevents the gel from making contact with those nerves. The first application, can be done at the dentist’s office, thus starting the plugging process. Then replugging happens with the patient’s daily application at home.

    Safer than Other Methods

    KöR teeth whitening is safer than most other methods, such as bleaching lights and lasers. The use of lasers and light has been controversial for 10 or so years. Peer-reviewed scientific studies suggest that light and laser bleaching can heighten discomfort in patients during and after the procedure. Also, unlike whitening kinds of toothpaste that can wear down the enamel, KöR tooth whitening gel is neither abrasive nor acidic. KöR whitens teeth by expanding their pores.

    Stunning Results

    KöR teeth whitening can brighten teeth up to 16 shades or more, even for people with stains seemingly impossible to remove. For instance, many conventional whitening treatments will not work for people with stains from using tetracycline, a type of antibiotic medication. Because most whitening treatments do not remove this discoloration, a solution is to place a crown over the tooth, which can be a costly investment. Fortunately, the KöR teeth whitening system may effectively remove tetracycline stains, making a crown or other restorative procedure unnecessary.


    A common question among patients is, “How long will the whitening last?” With good hygiene and care, KöR teeth whitening gel will deliver long-lasting color. This effect is possible due to the KöR system’s capacity to flood pigments and stain molecules with bleaching factors, breaking apart large stains into much smaller, colorless particles. The result is teeth that are more permeable to bleaching and responsive to at-home cleaning and maintenance.

    The KöR teeth whitening system offers many benefits over more traditional methods, providing a brilliant, long-lasting smile. However, KöR does not serve as a one-shot solution. The technique involves several steps, and patients should follow all of their dentist’s instructions to achieve optimal results. In order to maintain these results, a whitening maintenance is recommended. Each patient is different and will require more or less maintenance applications to keep up a beautiful white smile.

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