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Same-day dental implants at Sarasota Dentistry allow you to walk out of the dentist’s office with replacement teeth on the same day your implants are surgically placed. Typically, patients who receive dental implants usually have to wait several weeks or months to receive their permanent crowns and do not receive temporary crowns to wear in the meantime. At Sarasota Dentistry, you can receive replacement teeth after same-day dental implants—also known as same-day teeth or Teeth-in-a-Day—and benefit from having functional and natural-looking teeth until your permanent crowns are ready.

Patients who choose same-day dental implants at our dental facility can benefit from having just one dental surgery that results in less pain, no missing teeth, and fixed tooth replacements that look much better than the extracted teeth. Same-day dental implants in Sarasota also help preserve bone and gum tissue, which is typically reduced over the time spent waiting for permanent crowns. Results from a 2010 study published in the Journal of Oral Implantology revealed that same-day dental implants have an implant survival rate of nearly 95% compared with the 91.68% survival rate associated with standard implants. If you need dental implants but do not want to go weeks or months with one or more missing teeth, Dr. Hank Michael and his team at Sarasota Dentistry can discuss your available treatment options for immediate dental implants.

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    Same-Day Implant Services Available at Sarasota Dentistry

    We offer several same-day dental implant services and trademarked systems available from different dental implant companies, including immediate all-on-four implants, Teeth-in-an-Hour, and immediate load implants.

    Immediate All-on-Four Dental Implants

    Also known as full-arch immediate dental implants, All-on-Four implants can replace a full arch of teeth in one day. During the appointment, all teeth are removed, and a full-arch bridge or permanent implant teeth, is used to replace the top teeth, bottom teeth, or both—all in the same day. All-on-four implants require only four implants per arch, while traditional implants may require between six and 10 implants. Immediate all-on-four implants reduce downtime, pain, and the number of trips to the dental office. All-on-Four implants can also be used to convert an old denture to implant teeth in just one day.  Bone grafting is usually indicated when teeth are being extracted but a denture conversion my not require additional bone grafting. A 3-D analysis of the jaw with a dental CT  prior to surgery will reveal quantity and quality of bone for dental implant therapy.

    Temporary Crown after dental implant x-ray


    Teeth-in-an-Hour is a same-day implant system that provides you with fully functional replacement teeth within one hour. This implant service involves the use of advanced 3D imaging and interactive virtual models that allow our team of dental professionals to precisely plan and perform the procedure. Teeth-in-an-Hour results in a faster appointment with less pain, downtime, and recovery. Teeth-in-an-Hour is basically another name for same day dental implants with teeth. Like all same day dental implants, diagnosis, exam, 2-D and 3-D x-rays are required prior to the dental surgery. While these slogans sound like you get teeth in a blink of an eye, the preparation for the procedure, which is fast, does take time to properly plan for exact execution. Patients time is limited to a few short visits, but doctor and lab time are extensive in the preparation for this technique sensitive procedure.

    Immediate Load Dental Implants

    Immediate load dental implants provide you with functional replacement teeth within 48 hours of receiving your implants. This implant system results in shorter treatment time, quicker recovery, less pain and often reduces the need for bone grafting. A dental CT or CBCT is used to determine if additional bone grafting may be needed. Immediate dental implants in Sarasota still require the need for stitches and suture removal unless a flapless, no incision, approach is used. All-on-Four, Teeth-in-an-Hour, Same-day Teeth, Done-in-One, Teeth Now… are all similar versions of the immediately loaded dental implant protocol. All of these systems carry the same advantages and disadvantages.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do same-day dental implants work?
    Though same-day dental implants can be placed within an hour or two, planning for this procedure usually takes about two to four weeks depending on the case. First, you will meet with the dentist (Dr. Hank Michael at Sarasota Dentistry) to discuss your medical history, current medications, available implant options, and preferred method of sedation. You will also have models of your jaw and teeth taken, 2-D and 3-D X-rays as well as a full series of intraoral and extraoral photographs to help your dentist prepare for the dental implant surgery.

    On the day of implant surgery, you will receive sedation and anesthesia before your dentist extracts the affected teeth. Your dentist will then place the dental implant along with an immediate restoration if you are receiving all-on-fours, Teeth-in-a-Day, or Teeth-in-an-Hour. Two weeks after your surgery, you will return to our clinic for a quick follow-up exam and make an appointment to receive your permanent restoration. In all, same-day implants require a total treatment time of no more than five months versus nine months with conventional dental implant surgery.

    Technology is ever changing… currently, many systems are being designed and implemented to deliver not just same-day teeth, but a final, permanent implant bridge on the day of surgery. Currently, most cases are a denture conversion which is to be considered temporary. This will give more options for patients with a limited budget to afford such wonderful dental care. However, it is always nice to have the immediate implant denture as a backup restoration in addition to the final implant bridge in the case of an accident or injury to the teeth.
    What is the difference between standard dental implants and same-day dental implants?
    With standard dental implants, patients usually have to wait three to four months for their teeth to fully heal following extraction before they can receive a dental implant or permanent bridge. After you receive dental implants, you may need to wait another four months before you can receive your permanent replacement teeth. In the meantime, you will either have to cope with missing teeth or use a temporary bridge or removable dentures.

    With same-day dental implants, you can receive functional, natural-looking replacement teeth on the same day as your implant surgery. This eliminates the need to deal with missing teeth, dentures, or a bridge, and significantly cuts down on pain, downtime, and recovery.
    How much pain is associated with same-day full mouth dental implants?
    Sarasota Dentistry offers oral and intravenous sedation so you can relax and feel at ease during your procedure. Additionally, you will receive topical, local anesthesia, and pain medication to eliminate any pain associated with dental implant surgery. Since dental implants are placed on the same day as tooth extraction, the holes from the extractions are covered with the same-day teeth which minimizes pain associated with the extractions. Also, the procedure takes place in one day versus several in order to eliminate recurring pain you may experience with multiple dental surgeries.
    How much do same-day dental implants cost?
    The average overall cost of same-day dental implants is between $5,000 and $8,000 per implant with extraction and bone grafting. The cost of your procedure may be more or less based on factors such as the number of implants, the implant service or system, and whether you are combining implant surgery with other dental procedures. Keep in mind that an additional implant retained set of teeth should or could be needed as a “permanent” solution. It is recommended to have a final restoration made, after the healing of the gums and bone is complete – about 4-6 months after the All-on-Four or Teeth-in-a-day procedure is completed.
    Who is eligible to receive immediate dental implants?
    The eligibility criteria for immediate dental implants is dependent on a patient’s health. Those who may not be eligible to receive immediate implants are those with hygiene issues, those who smoke, diabetics, vitamin D deficiency, or those who have an autoimmune or chronic disease. To find out whether you are eligible for same-day dental implants, schedule an appointment with Sarasota Dentistry to discuss your available treatment options.

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