Dental Implants Case: Replacing Missing Back Teeth

Dental Implant Case 11 - New Back Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth is a common occurrence in America, however, dental implants are becoming a very popular alternative to this dilemma. Here you see an example of a failing tooth along with an entire quadrant of missing back teeth. The patient was obviously not comfortable and desired to have a tooth replacement option. A partial denture and dental implants were discussed and she chose to go with dental implants. She was quite fearful of the dentist so she also opted for dental sedation for all dental appointments. She had the hopeless tooth removed followed by a ridge augmentation procedure. The ridge augmentation is a bone graft procedures which enhances the bone in both height and width so it can better accommodate the dental implants and ensure the dental implants will remain health for many years to come. After the ridge augmentation heals, the dental implants are placed and allowed to heal for 3-4 months. In this particular case, the implants had to be uncovered 3-4 weeks before the dental implant bridge could start to be fabricated. The final bridge took approximately 3 weeks to finalize on this case.

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