Dental Implant Smile Case 1

Laura came to Dr. Hank and the Sarasota Dentistry team with pain in the lower right molar. She was incredibly worried about losing her tooth. Dental X-Rays revealed advanced periodontal disease and a non-restorable molar. 3-D dental imaging and complete exam were performed, and we generated a treatment plan that included an immediate dental implant with an immediate dental restoration.

Due to the significant amount of bone present, she was able to consider this effective dental treatment option. She never left without a tooth. The extraction, bone graft and dental implant were performed with conscious sedation and Laura left with a non-functioning temporary one hour after the procedure began.

The local laboratory fabricated an all porcelain crown and had it ready for the patient in 3 weeks. She was advised to wait as long as possible to place the permanent restoration so the soft tissue could heal completely. Soft tissue healing was accelerated due to a platelet graft using PRGF at the initial surgery. Four weeks later, the final porcelain crown was cemented. She was very happy she never left the office without a tooth!

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Joe L