Fractured Tooth Treated with Immediate Dental Implant

This patient’s worst nightmare came true. New in Sarasota, she fractured her front tooth in half. She came in on an emergency visit with the tooth in her hand. She was very apprehensive about finding a new dentist in Sarasota so she asked all of her friends and was given Dr. Michael’s name. She checked our practice out online and saw our excellent reviews, so she made an appointment for an emergency exam.

She was the second person that week to come in with a fractured front tooth in their hand. Dr. Michael has been replacing missing teeth here in Sarasota for years, he understands how important it is for a patient to smile, so he immediately bonded the tooth back in the mouth to serve as a temporary. He discussed her options to replace the tooth: Dental Bridge, Dental Implant, or Removable Partial Denture. She opted for a dental implant. She returned for her dental implant procedure under oral sedation.

It took about an hour to remove the fractured root, place the dental implant, bone graft, platelet graft with PRGF, and fit the removable temporary tooth. She returned a couple of weeks later for suture removal and then 3 months later for the placement of the final implant abutment and acrylic temporary crown.

The acrylic temporary temporary crown is very important to develop the most ideal aesthetics. It can be molded to fit the gums correctly. It can also be stained to get the proper color if needed. The patient returned once a week to check the fit of the temporary crown. Once she confirmed she was happy with the cosmetic results of the temporary, a final implant crown was ordered.

The final fit implant crown fit great and the color was perfect. In a matter of about 6 months, a perfect tooth replacement was created. The patient never had to worry about her smile during treatment since the temporaries always looked real.

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