Dental Implant Case #5

Dental Implant Case #5

This is Mr. B. He came into the dental office with multiple missing and failing teeth. He also brought in a partial denture. He was asked if he wore it and like so many other patients, he said “no”. He was very concerned about his smile and asked if there was a permanent teeth replacement option. We discussed dental implants and the option for permanent non-removable teeth. He also had the option of a removable implant retained partial.

He was enthusiastic about permanent dental implants — implanted teeth that did not need to be removed. We took impressions of his teeth and created his beautiful new smile using a wax mold prior to oral surgery. He was orally sedated, dental implants were placed ideally using a surgical guide and 3-D Cone Beam CT scan.

The implants were immediately temporized and without occlusion (so he could not accidentally bite on these healing restorations). Four months of healing took place before we made the permanent dental crowns. X-rays show no bone loss around implants 3 years later. Today, Mr. B. loves his new teeth and also loves referring patients like himself because he knows how much better he feels with dental implants.

"It's just been a wonderful experience. His staff is awesome, and I would recommend Dr. Michael to anybody."

Bob B