Dental Implants Case 7 | Immediate Dental Implant

Immediate dental implants are just short of miraculous. When presented with a hopeless tooth, Dr. Michael gently removes the tooth and places a dental implant in a single visit. In many cases, he is also able to fabricate a temporary crown to replace the tooth. Care is taken to make sure the patient can not chew on the tooth and the patient is instructed not to chew with the tooth for 3-4 months when the permanent restoration is fabricated. Dr. Michael does require a 3-D Xray, also referred to as a CBCT, prior to these procedures in order to plan a safe and predictable surgery. In addition, sedation is usually recommended for the patients comfort – but not required.

If you are about to lose a tooth and don’t want a hole in your smile, call Dr. Hank Michael to discuss your options for an immediate dental implant. Call Sarasota Dentistry at 941-929-7645 today!

"It's just been a wonderful experience. His staff is awesome, and I would recommend Dr. Michael to anybody."

Bob B