Full Arch Zirconia All on 6 Dental Implants Case

When multiple teeth are missing and the remaining teeth have a questionable prognosis, a denture, implant denture, or porcelain implant bridge must be considered. Traditional acrylic dentures are a very popular solution due to low cost but the downsides of a denture are numerous. For instance, dentures can fall out of your mouth, they can stain, they can break or get lost. Dentures also lead to advanced bone loss of the jaw bone in a relatively short period of time which then leads to a loose denture that can’t be tightened without denture glue. So what is the solution? The alternative to a denture is 4-8 dental implants placed in the ridge with missing teeth attached to an dental implant bridge such as the one seen in this case. You can also attach an acrylic denture to the implants – that is called a hybrid denture. This case above is done in zirconia with a porcelain layering over the faces of the teeth to create a very natural appearance that will not stain! These porcelain fused to zirconia teeth are extremely resistant to wear and fracture. The implants placed in the jawbone actually help to prevent the loss of jawbone that is seen with dentures. You wont lose these teeth either.

Dr. Hank Michael at Sarasota Dentistry is an expert dental implantologist that both places and restores dental implants. If you have lost or are losing your teeth, please contact Dr. Michael to discuss your dental implant options. You don’t have to suffer!

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