Full Arch Prettau Bridge Over 6 Dental Implants

Meet Darren… nice guy with who really wants to be able to smile. Unfortunately, most of his remaining teeth are hopeless due to gum disease. He felt hopeless all together until he walked into Sarasota Dentistry and was given the option of a new smile. Dr. Michael and the team did a full examination including: Clinical exam with digital X-rays and a 3-D Cone Beam CT to both diagnose and treatment plan Darren’s implant dentistry. It was concluded that all of the upper remaining teeth would need to be removed and all of the lower teeth except for 6 which were treated with periodontal osseous surgery and restored with a fixed porcelain fused to zirconia bridge. In addition, two dental implants were placed in the lower arch to complete the lower arch restoration. The upper arch was treated with a transitional denture followed by the placement of 6 dental implants and a full arch porcelain to Prettau zirconia bridge. All surgeries were performed utilizing dental sedation to ensure a comfortable experience. The pictures say it all… Darren’s smile has been transformed for life and he is forever grateful for his new smile.

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"It's just been a wonderful experience. His staff is awesome, and I would recommend Dr. Michael to anybody."

Bob B