Porcelain to Zirconia Crowns Smile Makeover 20

Here we have a case where the patients concern was that she could not see her teeth and she felt they were too short. A complete exam revealed her bite was severely over closed and she had a missing teeth that needed to be restored with dental implants. She was very apprehensive since she’s had all of her teeth restored twice and she never got what she wanted. She was educated as to the cause of the problem and a solution was presented. She was still apprehensive but came to trust our opinion after seeking 2nd opinions and speaking with other dentists that also recommended Dr. Hank Michael. The solution was a full mouth smile makeover. Molds of the teeth were obtained along with a full series of x-rays and photos. Once the case was studied in detail, temporaries were designed to lengthen the teeth and slightly open the bite so a beautiful set of teeth would be displayed. The patient was sedated and the teeth were prepared for the temporary smile. Dental implants were also installed at the same appointment with the temps. The patient returned a week later to adjust the bite and check healing. Due to the implants that were included in the upper and lower arches, it required 4 months of healing prior to the final ziroconia crowns were fabricated. The patient was able to have ample time to feel out the new smile and was very excited to make it permanent in zirconia. The final zirconia crowns were delivered and the patient now has something amazing to smile about.

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