Full Arch Zirconia Dental Implant Restoration

Are you disgusted with your partial or fed up with not being able to chew due to missing teeth? Don’t suffer! Sarasota Dentistry has dental implant solutions that will solve both problems along with a beautiful set of teeth to smile with.

Case Notes: Mr. M presented with an upper and lower partial denture that he was very unhappy with. He had these for years and was never given a viable option to replace them with a restoration that was permanently fixed in his mouth. The upper arch had two options, a bridge or implants, and the lower had two options, a denture or dental implants. Due to timing and the amount of bone, Mr. M elected to go with an upper bridge and lower dental implants. Mr. M did not do both restorations at the same time so there were some limitations in the correction of the bite plane (smile line). The upper was completed first and a couple of months later, Mr. M elected to proceed with the lower implants. The remaining teeth were removed and dental implants were placed immediately into the jaw. The procedure was complete utilizing conscious dental sedation. Four months later, the final restoration was started (seen in these photos). The patient wore a temporary set of implant teeth while the permanent restoration was being designed and fabricated. The lab fabrication takes between 2-8 weeks depending on a number of variables. The important thing to remember is when the final restoration is ready, it will be beautiful and extremely comfortable.

Lab Credit: Lower zirconia to titanium full arch implant restoration fabricated by Fausto Catena at Ceramic Art Inc. Dental Studio

Dentist: Hank D. Michael, DMD at Sarasota Dentistry | General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

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