Porcelain Crown Makeover Before & After

Have you been wanting to improve your smile but are afraid the dentist is going to make your teeth look fake? Well that is exactly what this patient was afraid of and she was perfectly clear explaining that before we began her cosmetic smile reconstruction. Digital impressions, x-rays and full series of photos were taken to get started. A prototype restoration was fabricated by our local dental ceramist. The prototype is designed to give the patient the feel, fit and color of the final restoration prior to making the permanent porcelain teeth. It is made of a durable acrylic and can be shaped and shaded exactly like the final restoration. Once the prototype is worn by the patient, feedback is given, and a digital impression is captured of the approved temporary teeth (Prototype). This information is transferred to the lab and the final’s are fabricated from a digital copy of the prototype so there is no guess work and you get what you expected. Are patient shown here is overjoyed at the final outcome. She is most impressed with the fact that her teeth are not too white. She understands that many people have there smiles done to get much whiter teeth but she just wanted healthy teeth that didn’t stand out.

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Dental Lab: Fausto Catena – Ceramic Art Inc.

"It's just been a wonderful experience. His staff is awesome, and I would recommend Dr. Michael to anybody."

Bob B