Gap in Front Teeth? Porcelain Crowns are the Solution

Meet Dave . . . a happy guy that wouldn’t smile. While some people find a gap between their two front teeth attractive, Dave did not. He was excited to discover porcelain crowns. He had an impression taken of his teeth and a mock-up completed in wax prior to his cosmetic porcelain crown procedure. Dave reviewed and approved the smile simulated in wax and made his appointment. His next appointment was ninety minutes long and afterwards, he walked out with temporary crowns that are as beautiful as the permanents. The temporaries are made of acrylic, they look great, but they don’t last long enough to be used permanently. Dave returned a couple weeks later and his permanent porcelain crowns were tried in and approved before placing them permanently on his teeth. The bite was adjusted, excess glue was removed and the teeth were polished. Porcelain crowns are one of many cosmetic dental procedures Dr. Hank Michael performs for patients at Sarasota Dentistry. Don’t be afraid to smile, give us a call today to learn how you to can smile happily and confidently!

"My fitting for my invisaligns went smoothly with easy to follow directions for their use."

Linda D

Customer since 2014