Porcelain Crown Smile Makeover #7

The process starts by taking upper and lower impressions of the teeth and mounting them on a dental articulator. The patient and Dr. Hank then sat down and determined a design for their smile. With this information, the lab was able to do a diagnostic wax-up of the selected smile design and Dr. Hank performed a computer simulation of the before and after smile. The patient returned to review the smile simulation and diagnostic wax-up prior to getting started. He was very happy with both and was anxious to get started. He was scheduled for a two-day appointment, lower teeth on day one and upper teeth on day two. Each appointment took about 3-4 hours and was performed using a conscious sedation technique that the patient preferred. He left with bleach shaded temporary crowns made from the cosmetically enhanced diagnostic wax-up. He returned to the dental office one week later to report on the feel of the new temporary teeth. He was pleased with the temporaries, so the lab was cleared to go ahead and finish the porcelain crowns to restore the lower teeth. Two weeks later the lower porcelain crowns were bonded into place and then the upper crowns were cleared to be fabricated. Three weeks later the upper porcelain crowns were bonded into place and the bite was adjusted. Again, these visits were performed using conscious sedation to maximize patient comfort. One week later, the patient returned for a fine tuning of the bite. He is overjoyed to finally have his dream smile. We at Sarasota Dentistry are happy to provide these life changing services to our community. If you have an questions, or you would like to meet Dr. Michael and discuss your cosmetic dental needs, you may contact us by email or phone at 941-376-4265

"You deserve to live everyday with a confident, naturally beautiful and healthy smile. Revealing that smile is Dr. Hank Michael's mission as your trusted dentist at Sarasota Dentistry."

Dr. Hank Michael