Porcelain to Zirconia Crowns Smile Makeover 18


Porcelain veneers are a wonderful option if you interested in enhancing your smile. These thin porcelain restorations are either placed directly over your existing teeth (no-prep) or a very thin portion of the tooth is removed and replaced with the porcelain veneer. In this case, a combination of no-prep veneers and prepped veneers were used along with a few crowns on the molars for strength. The procedure was done utilizing oral sedation to maximize the comfort in the dental chair. A temporary was worn to confirm the patient was satisfied with the color and shape of the teeth. She gave us the approval to proceed and the permanents were delivered three weeks later. She is extremely pleased with her new smile.

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"As a first-time patient, I was impressed with the thorough and informative examination given by Dr. Michael. He and his staff were both friendly and professional."

Linda D

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