Porcelain Veneers Smile Case #10

Our patient presents after years of orthodontic work at another dental office. He had two missing lateral incisors and his previous dentists choice was to close the space where the missing lateral was and now the two canines are in the lateral incisor position. Another option might have been to open the space for dental implants to replace the missing laterals. Since we didn’t see this case from the beginning, it’s hard to judge if there might have been a more appropriate treatment option at the beginning of orthodontic therapy.

The decision was made to utilize a very conservative veneer of porcelain approach to enhance the smile. As usual, molds of the teeth are obtained and cosmetic wax-up is performed in preparation for the veneer preparation procedure.

The preparation is completed and temporaries are placed on the teeth. The patient returns one week later to approve the temps. If they are happy we proceed to fabricate the final porcelain veneers. If there is any concerns, they are addressed and the patient returns one week later to confirm the issues were addressed prior to proceeding to the final restoration.

Final porcelain veneers were installed, adjusted and cleaned. A mouth guard was made to prevent and night time habits from causing damage. And now you have a beautiful new smile in just a couple of weeks.

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