Smile Makeover with Porcelain Crowns & Caps

Have you ever considered changing your smile? Do you travel a lot for work or play which keeps you from changing your smile? Here at Sarasota Dentistry we offer a variety of “Same Day” or “Next Day” options for changing your smile. The patient represented above answered “yes” to both of the above questions. When she decided she wanted to discuss her options, we were pleased to inform her of some of the newest CAD/CAM dentistry that was available and allowed us to fabricate her porcelain crowns in office in as little as one day. She decided she wanted to proceed with the procedure. First, models of her teeth were taken along with a series of extraoral photographs. A wax-up of the ideal smile was then completed at the dental lab prior to her next visit in a few months. When she returned from traveling, she came for her 1st appointment (Day 1). Day 1 the upper teeth were prepared and temps placed. She returned the next day (Day 2) for the permanent insertion of all the upper teeth. She returned the next day (Day 3) for the lowers to be prepared for crowns and then she returned the next day (Day 4) for the delivery of the final crowns. So it was all completed in 4 days. The visits ranged from 2-4 hours each and she was very comfortably sedated. The process could have been completed in 2 days had there been a need to rush the case, but spreading the case the extra 2 days made it much more comfortable for the patient. Dr. Michael and the entire Sarasota Dentistry are committed to providing quality care and personal service to our patients utilizing the most advanced dental technology available. If you have any questions about the health or look of your smile, we would be happy to discuss your options. Please call 941-929-7645

"Friendly competent staff, pleasant offices, attention to patient comfort, state of the art "tools"--a very pleasant experience. Time was taken to assure that all questions/concerns were addressed."

Margret H

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