Amazing Porcelain to Zirconia Smile Makeover

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful, white smile? Well this wonderful lady has for many years and now she can smile with ABSOLUTE confidence! It has been a joy working with her for the last couple of years. It all began with consultation to discuss some recent dental work she was not happy with. She had a crown that kept falling off and her smile was crooked. We discussed what was needed to fix the immediate issues and then proceeded to discuss what she thought about the color of her teeth and her over all smile. That is when we both discovered the opportunity she had to improve her smile and address the nagging issues at hand with her teeth. We made a plan to fix one arch at a time – starting with the upper. A thorough examination was completed which included a mounted study models and a full set of digital images and x-rays. A preliminary color was approved and set of beautiful lab fabricated temporaries were fabricated. The teeth were prepared utilizing conscious sedation and the temporaries were installed. She returned a week later for photos and an impression of the approved temps. We decided on porcelain to zirconia as the restoration of choice. Fausto Catena was the dental techician at Ceramic Art, Inc in Sarasota, FL. Three weeks later the final restorations were seated and adjusted and the patient was very pleased with her upper teeth. The great news! It’s 18 months later and she was just able to complete the lowers. So it doesn’t have to all be done at once. There are circumstances where the upper and lower have to be treated together but she was fortunate to be able to do one at a time with amazing results.

Are you considering a smile makeover? Dr. Michael and his amazing team treat a variety of conditions from full mouth dental implants to smile make overs with crowns and veneers. If you can’t smile with confidence, we can help you. Please call 941-929-7645 or email today!

"You deserve to live everyday with a confident, naturally beautiful and healthy smile. Revealing that smile is Dr. Hank Michael's mission as your trusted dentist at Sarasota Dentistry."

Dr. Hank Michael