Smile Makeover with Porcelain Crowns & Caps

Meet Mr. D. Nice guy who is ashamed to smile. Do you feel that way? … you don’t have to! Dr. Michael and his highly trained team at Sarasota Dentistry are experts at enhancing smiles with porcelain crowns, veneers and dental implants. Cases like Mr. D. require a couple of months of your time (more or less) depending on your exact circumstances. Mr. D. had a molds of his teeth taken and a cosmetically enhanced smile design  was performed with with wax and photography prior to beginning the procedure. The procedure was completed utilizing oral sedation. He left the office with a set of temporary crowns built to his specific colors and shape. One week later he returned to the office to critique his new restorations… if any changes are required, they are made to the temps at this point and are usually minor. An impression of the temporaries is made and sent to the labs and called “model of approved temps”. If any major modifications are made to the temporary restorations, the patient returns one week later for another check before “model of approved temps” is completed. 1-2 weeks later, Mr. D’s crowns were tried in and accepted. They are bonded permanently to the teeth, adjusted and excess cement is removed prior to leaving with a new beautiful smile. Call or email Sarasota Dentistry today!  

"First Class Professional Quality All the Way! Dr. Michaels and his staff are all top notch!"

Robert R

Customer since 1991