Restorative Dentistry

What to Do If You Have a Chipped or Broken Crown

If you have a dental crown, you should know what to do in case it becomes chipped or broken. Crowns are very strong, and often last for a lifetime. But an accident can happen at…

07.23.20 :


What Are Flexible Partial Dentures?

Flexible partial dentures are an ideal solution for those who want to replace missing teeth while also enhancing their smiles. Flexible partial dentures can restore the appearance and functionality of real teeth and offer unique…

06.16.20 :


How to Fix Worn-Down Teeth

Tooth wear tends to become more prevalent with age. Worn-down teeth can lead to various cosmetic and oral health problems such as yellowed teeth, tooth sensitivity, gaps between teeth, and jaw aches. However, many treatment…

01.13.20 :